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Improving healthcare for all by humanizing health and wellness information.

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Removing confusion and anxiety to enable active, confident decision making.

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The perfect ally to help consumers navigate today’s complicated health environment.

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Learning what you want to know, how you want to learn it, when you want to learn it.

The Un-Commonly Clear Health Information Company 

Dr. Joe is the industry’s most innovative engagement & education network, going beyond traditional health education, providing health and medical information consumers want, when they want it, the way they want it—with measurable outcomes.

Healthcare is a complex universe of scientific, financial and psychological terms, processes and rules that’s largely been hidden from consumers for decades. It wasn’t hidden on purpose. It just evolved that way, creating an experience that’s as foreign as visiting another country where you don’t know the language or customs. It’s unsettling and confusing.

Dr. Joe is the perfect ally for today’s complicated health environment. The Dr. Joe experience turns fear and anxiety into confident decision-making, improving results for consumers, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers and payers, while reducing cost and access pressures on our healthcare system.

Dr. Joe makes health and wellness information understandable, refreshingly simple and smart.

Mom Reviewed. Doctor Approved.

Our research identifies consumer learning gaps and adapts information to meet their needs. The outcome fuels a content pipeline developed in collaboration with our expert review board comprised of a diverse team of clinical experts and practitioners, as well as everyday patients and caregivers. 

Our AI engine Alli™ provides & serve content unique to you, your interests, activities, concerns, learning style and health needs.


Dr. Joe rewards users simply for helping others. Content is designed to be instantly shareable with family members, health providers and others with similar needs and interests.


Dr. Joe humanizes health and wellness information by removing confusion and anxiety to enable active, confident decision-making throughout each consumer’s health journey.


Dr. Joe understands that health and wellness is more than a condition or diagnosis. We include life-related topics like relationships, legal, financial, exercise, diet, insurance, and other lifestyle content to help you live the best life possible.

Anne's Journey with Breast Cancer

Learn how Anne and her family took control of her diagnosis through education and understanding. Watch Anne's Journey to Empowerment:

Partner Programs

Unlike other consumer markets, consumer health requires collaboration among health professionals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and device manufacturers, among others, in support of the health and wellbeing decisions consumers face.

Dr. Joe offers partner programs designed to support consumer decision making, improve clinical outcomes and enhance business results for the community who support them.

Support Specific Communities

Dr. Joe offers advertising and licensing opportunities based on indications and specialized topics from chronic illness to acute care and prevention. Current programs in development include: Breast Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Hodgkin Lymphoma, as well as Iron Deficiency, Immunotherapy, and Biosimilars.

Subscribing to the Alli Index™

The Alli Index provides insight into consumer’s interests, activity and responses to specific questions throughout the Dr. Joe experience.

Pilot Programs

Dr. Joe conducts pilot programs demonstrating how its innovative omnichannel experience turns fear and anxiety into confident decision-making.

When a scary diagnosis stops you in your tracks, we have a place for you to start. It starts with the basics. It starts with the right questions. It starts right here.

Dr. Joe helps you in the earliest days of a new diagnosis when the terminology doesn’t make sense and the explanations don’t help. With our book and booklets, you’ll be ready to talk to your doctor. When you start with Dr. Joe, you start with understanding. You start with clarity. You start with confidence.

Better understanding. Better conversations. Better outcomes.

Our goal is to empower your patients to embrace their healthcare with knowledge and confidence. We created short, specific, eye-catching booklets and a comprehensive book to compassionately guide newly diagnosed patients forward and prepare them for important conversations with their healthcare team.

Dr. Joe Explains is helping women who find out they have breast cancer.

Throughout the book you will find powerfully simple analogies, creating a new way into this journey for thousands of women, caregivers, and medical professionals. From mammogram to survivorship, How Breast Cancer is Like a Dandelion, walks you through the journey with compassion and support.


There probably isn't anything more terrifying than hearing a physician saying, "you have cancer!" Then it starts, all the strange words, testing, confusion and your mind is overwhelmed. Dr. Joe will alleviate a lot of that anxiety. It can help you understand things and help you and your family feel more prepared for the difficult journey you have ahead of you.

Dr. Joe does a phenomenal job of breaking down the complexities of breast cancer step-by-step and in "layman’s" terms. The artwork, easy-to-read narrative combined with the analogies, makes breast cancer education so much easier to digest. Breaking down the barrier of fear and hitting it head-on with concepts we can all understand.

As a physician, I sometimes struggle with explaining how I see a disease process. Dr. Joe helps bridge the gap between medical providers and their patients in a way that connects the two seamlessly. It helps bring back to earth the experiences that a patient may face in dealing with her/his cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Joe is beautifully written with compassion and from the perspective of a friend. A really smart friend who has your best interest at heart and understands the importance and sensitivity of the topic you are discussing. I was impressed by Dr. Joe’s ability to discuss a woman's worst nightmare - YOU HAVE BREAST CANCER - in an educational and scientific way without losing the emotions every woman is feeling during this time.

Once you hear the word “cancer” in the same sentence with the name of someone you love and care about, it’s hard to hear anything else. Dr. Joe takes the guesswork out of understanding breast cancer diagnosis and treatment by explaining it in a way that nearly everyone can understand.

During my friend’s diagnosis of breast cancer, Dr. Joe really helped to guide us all through her early stages. Would recommend to anyone who is impacted by breast cancer whether personally or a close family member or friend.